About Abii

Abii Supports Improved Learning Outcomes

This is Abii helping a 5th grader do her homework. Abii delivers math instruction to elementary and middle school children using expressive and personalized interactions. An accompanying Web app allows him to use a wifi-enabled device to display text, illustrations and video to augment each lesson. Abii utilizes open source common core materials in a new way, giving gentle encouragement, and even celebratory dancing!

Abii Recognizes Stress

Abii recognizes reduced eye contact, furrowed brows, and higher temperature so he can slow down and make sure each student is fully engaged.

Abii Offers Encouragement

“Oh my Stars!” is one of Abii’s favorite sayings. Abii gives plenty of positive feedback and celebrates when a student answers correctly.

Abii Improves Over Time

Abii gets to know each student’s preferred pace and level of encouragement so they become an unstoppable learning team.

Get Notified When Abii is Available!

Get Notified When Abii is Available