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Pilot – Holy Family, Huntsville, AL

February 26 - March 2

We are excited to launch ur first pilot program at the Holy Family School in Huntsville, Alabama. Our pilots are a great way to both introduce teachers to the ways Abii can support them in the classroom, and to gather feedback from students and parents on how Abii performs. This type of feedback from the educational community will be critical in the development of our smart robot tutors, and we would love to include you! To bring Abii to your school please fill out the form here.

Here is a little about the Holy Family School from their website:

“The Faculty, Staff, Students and Parents of Holy Family School (HFS) believe that our school is the most outstanding elementary/middle school in Huntsville/Madison County, Alabama. Our location, diverse student body, strong parental involvement, and outstanding faculty and staff make our school unique. At HFS we believe:

Each student is a creation of God and deserves respect.
Students have the right to a safe and positive learning environment.
Individual development includes spiritual, physical, mental, artistic and emotional growth.
Students learn when they are actively involved and emotionally engaged in the educational process.
A student’s self-esteem is strengthened by fostering positive relationships among students and staff.
Students learn through tactile, kinesthetic, spatial, auditory and visual styles.

Our mission is centered on the value of students and teachers learning from one another. Parents and teachers work together to enhance each student’s education.

At all grade levels, students are encouraged to reach out to their community through service projects that are grade level appropriate. At HFS, it is no accident that “Family” is a cornerstone of our name. Our students actively embrace the concept that the school is a family in which each person has a role and a set of clearly defined responsibilities that make us a vibrant and caring entity. Emphasis on educational fundamentals has resulted in our students consistently scoring well above the national average on standardized tests. Our students are offered a variety of ways to express their individual artistic talents through music, dance and the art mediums. Christianity is taught and lived at the school through daily religion classes and weekly Catholic Mass that are planned and led by a different grade each week. In addition, students of all creeds and backgrounds are welcomed at the school and encouraged to share the richness of their own beliefs with the other students to the spiritual enrichment of all.”




Start: February 26
End: March 2
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Venue Name: Holy Family School
Address: 2300 Beasley Avenue
Huntsville, AL 35816
Phone: 256-539-5221


Organizer Name: Laura Boccanfuso

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